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FCC were an invaluable asset to our site. They were always there to assist us whatever time of the day or night.  They were always willing to help and answered the phone in a very friendly manner.
  • Bethan West
  • I have been a property owner on Bufavento Phase 1 since the very beginning and I have to say that initially I was concerned about the overall state of the communal areas when I first got the opportunity to visit my property in about 2006. It was obvious that we needed a company to get everything up and running so First Consult Cyprus were appointed. They did a superb job in getting the site to a very high standard.

    After several years, as often happens in communities, there were ‘fall outs’ between neighbours and between those living on the site full time and those visiting; between those renting and those owning. In a nutshell it was decided to get another company in to do the Site Management – probably the worse decision Bufavento took. What people had failed to realise was the sheer amount of work it took to get all the owners to pay up their basically quite small amount of annual maintenance. The new company were unable to produce the goods and so I personally was delighted when the site reverted back to FCC to once again take on the very demanding role of getting money out of people who, quite frankly in some cases, definitely do not want to pay. As there are numerous Turkish owners on the site it is a real bonus that Incilay can relate to them in their own language and she has achieved remarkable results both in the initial years she was running the site and since she has again been appointed.

    I can’t speak too highly of FCC and wish them the very best of luck.

    Kind regards
    Bethan West

  • Caroline Michael
  • I have lived on the Sea Vistas Complex for a few years now and I was also the committee’s treasurer.  FCC were an invaluable asset to our site. They were always there to assist us whatever time of the day or night.  They were always willing to help and answered the phone in a very friendly manner.

    The site, with FCC managing it, vastly improved. As this was a relatively new site there were a few teething problems. FCC managed to procure for us a very reliable and excellent sanitation company to oversee our sanitation works as we were having a lot of costly problems initially. These costs greatly reduced. 

    Mrs Incilay Fell, one of the Directors of FCC, assisted all the owners in acquiring their title deeds. This is not one of her duties in managing our site, but she did it anyway as she has contacts in most of the government departments. We are all very grateful to her for doing this on our behalf.

    Whatever our problem seems to be they always come up with a solution. One night an owner arrived late at night and he knocked on my door to say that the company that was managing his apartment (not FCC) hadn’t left any clean bedding and they hadn’t cleaned the apartment. I immediately rang FCC and they produced some bedding and brought it up to Sea Vistas for this owner to get some sleep. In the morning they also arranged for a cleaner to come in to clean the apartment. Needless to say this owner changed his property management to FCC.

    In my role as Treasurer I had great comfort in knowing that FCC managed our finances as they are always managed well. If any owner wanted to see the books they only had to ask and FCC will be up to show and explain any queries that that owner may have.

    FCC also has a very good relationship with the developer and many of the problems were solved with no cost to the owners.

    To summarise, I feel that FCC worked tirelessly to maintain Sea Vistas and we are highly appreciative for all that has been done.

    Kind Regards,
    Caroline Michael
    Committee Treasurer

  • Jeff and Sally Cane
  • During the time we were involved with First Consult Cyprus as a Sea Vista resident we have found them to be both professional and courteous .

    As a management company they took the Sea Vista complex from strength to strength with the improvements to the gardens , swimming pool and the ambience of the site.

    Their consideration of residents comments and views and communication at all times.

    Their forward planning based on Sea Vista budget proved to be an enormous benefit to take the site forward.
    As a resident and as we are not there continuously we were happy to rely on F.C.C. to run the site as they always keep us informed of any changes.

  • Mary Thornton
  • I am happy to provide a testimonial for the work that First Consult Cyprus have undertaken at Forest Golf and Beach Resort since they won the tender to become our management company in May 2009.

    At that time, although individual properties were well kept, the communal areas of the site were suffering from several years of neglect and lack of investment by the developer who was at that time controlling site maintenance.  Since May 2009 we have been paying the same monthly fees, but the difference in the site has been quite remarkable, thanks to the efforts of FCC and our owner committee.

    The communal garden areas are now colourful and filled with sustainable planting, and because there has been such a dramatic improvement in the environment individual owners are now willing to spend their own time and money enhancing these areas further.   In fact, I have met some neighbours for the first time over the last 18 months, who had previously stayed away from their own properties because they were so disillusioned with how the site had been run.

    FCC work very well with our committee and have established a close and supportive working relationship.  Should a decision requiring a major allocation of site funding be required, they prepare a detailed briefing for the committee advising of all the potential options, the costs and the pros and cons of each - so that the owners via the committee, can make an informed decision for themselves.

     We also benefit from the negotiating power that Incilay and the team are able to achieve or our behalf, as they are able to use their local knowledge and extensive contacts during negotiations with suppliers to get the best rates for Forest Golf residents.  

    I have always found FCC to be very helpful and responsive to any enquiries I have made either by email or telephone, even when it is outside of their remit on site, (for example acting as an interpreter with the police when I suffered a burglary) they have always gone out of their way to help me.

  • Simon Wood
  • It is with thanks to you, FCC, that our development at FGBR Esentepe is now under control.

    The issues that where before us have been challenging and yet without hesitation FCC have addressed these and have a strategy that enables each phase of the problems to be considered and dealt with in a constructive and effective way.

    Electricity supply failure on the development had been an intermittent problem and yet one call to FCC ensured a rapid response and repair resulting in re connection with minimum disruption. In my case, this happened on my first visit this year, late on a Friday evening.

    The water supply has been a problem as well. With a failing and under rated pipe supply system leading to numerous leaks FCC have brought in first class contractors to assess the problem and with minimum fuss the evaluation is being performed. Repairs, where required have been managed by FCC, and as there are still a few areas in the water system that need looking at this management is ongoing.

    The general overall assistance that has been provided to me on my visits has been excellent.

    I am aware that FCC staff have extended their help to others who were experiencing personal problems and without question a representative was available for comfort.

    Telephone calls to the FCC office are always answered in either Turkish or English and any queries are dealt with there and then.

    Apart from offering a fantastic service FCC also employ some very nice people.

    First Consult Cyprus. You are definitely a First Class Contractor.

    Thank you.
    Simon Wood

  • Ted Walden
  • Just a few words to say how good FCC have done since they took over the management our site at forest golf and beach residence.  First I would like to say that the period of the change over from Medview management was never going to be easy but FCC worked really hard to make sure everything went smoothly so there were not too many problems. After the first year of taking control of the site there was a marked improvement of the general appearance of the site with the gardens totally transformed to the point now where it is one of the best looking sites in north Cyprus. I have always found FCC to be very professional in there approach to the day to day running of the site and very easy to talk to when problems do arise. We look forward to working with them in the future as we have just agreed a two year contract.

    Ted Walden,
    liaison officer Forest Golf and Beach Residence owners committee.