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FCC were an invaluable asset to our site. They were always there to assist us whatever time of the day or night.  They were always willing to help and answered the phone in a very friendly manner.
Forest Golf and Beach Resort, we began the management on this site on the 1st May 2009 but we believe we have achieved great things and there is a lot more to come. As you can see from these photos, the landscaping to the gardens is complete. We...
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Weston Properties
Sea Vistas, we began working on this site in September 2009 in the three years we were running it we made vast improvements to the gardens and surrounding areas. We got the site to a standard whereby the committee; in late 2012; felt they could...
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New Harbour Apartments, when we took over site management of this site, although being a relatively new site, it looked and felt neglected, within just a few short months we have made small but important changes to how the site looks and feels. As...
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Cheshire Developments
This site came to us as a unfinished new build. With our help the developers are now in a position to apply for the individual property koçans and we are in negotiation with Esentepe Belediye to get the site on to mains water which is...
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