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FCC were an invaluable asset to our site. They were always there to assist us whatever time of the day or night.  They were always willing to help and answered the phone in a very friendly manner.
We are a small, TRNC based company offering our customers quality and the knowledge that they are being well looked after by a professional team. We always go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy with everything on their site. We pride ourselves on the fact that nothing is considered too much trouble - one phone call to put someone’s mind at ease will often be all that is needed to resolve queries.

We pride ourselves as a company in that ‘what we promise, we deliver’.

We are always on hand to go above and beyond what we state in any of our contracts in order to help all of our residents, developers and sites. Our team members are well travelled with years of experience in customer service - we know that a prompt and friendly response to any issue goes a long way to ensuring our aim of high customer satisfaction. We believe direct contact with, and a friendly face, rather than emotionless emails enables customers to feel at ease knowing that they have left their properties in the hands of people who care.

People arrive as ‘customers’, but we hope they leave as ‘friends’.